Victim 👭 are you a such!!

Think over it after reading?



a lil of this,  a Pinch of that and

bit by bit,  I’ll just go fat? 🙄

No more of this and no more of that cuz of this I’m gaining fat 😁

Do You Remember Something!!!


Our Tummy…

A Victim of this society.

The only craving part which we people try to control.

Am i that much foodie?😅


do I look like a fatso sometimes?🤔

Oh No!!

maybe Panda is more cute than Me? 😂

These are triggering one’s 🙄

Well,  talking of Green tea has created a fraud nowadays,  cuz I still the weigh the same and that’s what taste so lame 🐣

So,  let’s leave these triggering  questions behind and start off a healthy day.

Start facing the reality of what can’t be changed just remember nobody can replace You,  it’s You and just You.

You Yourself.

nobody ever will.

Happy Girls are the Prettiest☺

Thank You.

_Shraddha Bahuguna_


What if……

Many times we stand at that place of time where we really start feeling for someone 🎈

and that’s the most important one, we ignore just because of the so called questions like…

“What he’ll think about me?”

“How will he react?”

“If he says ‘no’?”

This is it guys. These stop us from confessing to someone.

This is the actual time, the person has to alter.

What if….the desired dreams becomes easy to reach?

What if….the alternative ending you thought while leaving the theatre turns to be true?

What if….every love story has an happy ending?

What if…. each person living on this planet becomes rich?

What if….we never have sad moments in life?

Wouldn’t be life boring without these “What if’s”?☃

Yes, it’ll be😬

Because we get used to “succeeding” and the word “failure” would be never introduced.

So there’s always a “What if” in our journey, but we simply ignore it. 😺

So start thinking  😉

Start asking all the “what if’s” to your own self and life Will be balanced just like a boat.

ThankYou 🎈🤗